November 2009

Some Additional Thoughts

Oftentimes the very technologies that were initially designed to help us, become counterproductive by introducing levels upon levels of redundancy. We start to make “lists of our lists” and what used to take one sheet of notebook paper and a pen, now takes six software programs and a consultant.

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Now What?

Now that I have a blog, a webpage, and a Twitter account….what the hell do I do with them? Are they going to help me write more or better? Probably not. If anything, they are just more distractions;toys. Do I use them as a forum to air my grievances against my roommate, my town, my environment? (Actually, this idea has some merit.) I guess I could post endless tweets about news items that continuously feed across the bottom of my browser, ( I’m sure plenty of people have RSS feeds.), but frankly I find people that do that annoying. When I get a tweet from someone I am(was) following that contains the same info I just read five minutes ago…it’s like, why the fuck even have this?

Ultimately,(at least in my case), these devices; outlets are simply platforms to exercise my ego. When you have no product to sell; no agenda to push-what other reason is there? Hopefully, I occasionally post a blog entry, a tweet, a video, or a toy that makes someone a little happier, a little more informed, or, perhaps, a little less bored.

Happy surfing.


This was originally posted on 11-29-09

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In Indian reincarnation legend, an Avatar is a being that has attained union with the spirit and has returned to earth to help mankind. Today, the term is widely used to denote those funky little representations people use on various social media sites. It is also the name of James Cameron’s movie being released next month.

Now, I generally don’t hawk products or services unless I’m really impressed. Last night, I went to:, which is the “preview” site for the December release. This is unlike any trailer site you’ve probably seen. The actual “sneak” is a software download that’s pretty slick. I don’t want to give away any details, (go see for yourself), and spoil the fun. After seeing this download, I think this movie is going to be pretty awesome.

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