June 2010

ADD, OCD, and the Internet

Keyboard Face

I’ve recently added 1938media to my Greader subscription list. One of the contributors, Adam Daniel Mezei, posts video blogs on a range of subjects. In a recent item he equated creativity with having VD. It is a rather strange comparison, but he did make a couple of interesting observations. The prime one being that one needs to exercise their craft on a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but I fail miserably in that department. It seems that everything else in the universe becomes more important than putting words together in some sort of coherent order. With that thought, let me conveniently dive into the subject of this article.

The Internet is a great resource; perhaps too great. Practically anything can be found if one knows how to search properly, but that is a con as well as a pro. With 25 tabs open, each with links to more pages, it’s easy to get diverted miles away from where you originally started. It starts off innocent enough.

Dude! I’ve got to try this new piece of software, but first I’ve got to watch the features video, read the documentation, download the other software that makes this piece work even better, read the forum, (which has suggestions about another programs that do the same thing…only better), and then I may unzip it and look at it tomorrow..along with the other PDFs and shit I downloaded.

Now, while I’ve done that, my Greader and Twitter accounts have both increased their entry count tenfold. I imagine you can see where this heads. When the OCD and the ADD kicks in, it’s time to walk away and reevaluate for a minute…before you go stark raving fuckin’ mad.

Happy surfin’


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Internet Music


I think we’ve kinda established that I’m an unabashed Internet, (should that be capitalized?), fanboy and that I’ve managed to acquire a fairly large collection of bookmarks/favorites. Now there are great sites, (e.g. Makeuseof ), that list other great sites and I by no means wish to compete with the likes of them or Lifehacker. However, I figured it was about time to start sharing some of the things I’ve found while surfing. Today I’m going to open my “Music” bookmarks file.

I imagine everyone has heard of Pandora, (both the streaming music service and the planet in Avatar), but there are a few other services on the web you may not be aware of. There are many sites for listening to music, but there are also sites that let you create and mix it. The following is just a partial list of some of the gems I’ve found. Once again, enjoy.

  • Twelve Cool Places To Watch Music Videos: Let me start this list with another list. MUO, (Makeuseof), assembled a collection of sites where you can…
  • Airmp3: This is a search engine for free mp3 downloads.
  • Musopen: Free classical music downloads.
  • Daytrotter: Free music downloads.
  • Seven Sites To Download Free Mp3: Another MUO compilation. These guys are good. That’s why they are one of my favorites sites.
  • Jamendo: By the end of this article you’re going to be sick of this phrase, but this is another site for free music downloads.
  • Wolfgangsvault: These guys have a huge collection of live concerts. Some of the stuff is pretty obscure. As I write this, I’m listening to Hendrix live in Berkeley. It’s good stuff, Maynard.
  • Last.fm: Free streaming music and downloads.
  • Musicovery: Pick a genre, an artist, and then a mood to create your own “radio” station.
  • Playist: Free service that lets you listen to music, create playlists, (imagine that), and share them on social networks.
  • Playit: Another site that allows you to create your own radio station.
  • Slacker: Ditto
  • Skreemr: Think of this as Google for music.
  • Meemix: Mmm, can you guess what this site does? No? Well, it’s a lot like Musicovery.
  • Whosampled: :”We’re building the the ultimate database of sampled music, remixes and cover songs.”
  • Sixteen Great Music Add-Ons For Firefox: If you’re into music and use Firefox, you might want to check these out.
  • Top Ten Websites For Free & Legal MP3 Music Downloads: Another MUO compilation. Between their lists and mine, there is bound to be some redundancy. Get over it! The shit is free!
  • Listenr: Create your own music video station.
  • Labnol.org: A list of music recognition services. What the hell are those, you ask? Well, one of the listed apps identifies a song when you hold your phone near some music. Trippy, huh?
  • Mood Traxxer: Create you own mood soundtrack. Some of the options in the menus are rather “interesting”.
  • Ten Ways To Share Music On Twitter: Kinda self-explanatory
  • Looplabs: Online mixing
  • Yourspins: Ditto
  • Ten Sites For Creating Digital Music: And your question is?
  • FetchMP3: Ever have a dog?
  • Media.io: Convert audio file formats online
  • Cutmp3: An online audio cutter
  • Drumbot: This site has tools for musicians, e.g. a sequencer.
  • Three Best MP3 Players For Flash Drives: Another MUO article. Gotta love those Brits
  • Tuberadio.fm: Like Listenr, this site let’s you create your own music video play list.
  • Ordrumbox: An online drum machine. It’s time to release that inner John Bonham.
  • Grooveshark: Another streaming music service, but this one also let’s you upload some of your own stuff to create custom playlists.
  • Mixtape.me: Yes, another streaming music service that let’s you create and share playlists.
  • Virtualpiano: This is exactly what it sounds like.
  • Ten Websites For Move & TV Soundtracks: Another MUO compilation.
  • Yesfm.eu: Streaming music and playlists
  • Tonematrix: Make your own music by clicking on squares in a grid…kinda fun.
  • Monkey Machine: An online drum machine.
  • Soundation: An online music mixer.
  • Creatingmusic: “Creatingmusic.com is a children’s online creative music environment for children of all ages.”
  • Glitchscape: Make “music” by drawing squares on a grid. This is a little trippy.
  • Contrapunctus: Play violin online with a cool UI.
  • Inudge: This is another tone matrix much like…well, Tonematrix
  • Music-creator: This is part of Aviary’s online tool kit. This particular site let’s you do precisely what the name suggests.

Ok guys, I’m stopping here. This list could go on forever. I think I’ve given you a pretty good idea what’s out there. I’ve always said that if you look long enough, (and semi-intelligently), you’re probably going to find what you’re looking for on the net. Gotta go. Need to get a haircut and do my laundry..bummer.

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Time Wasters, Creative Pursuits, and Other Assorted Crap


Due to an extended period of underemployment, I have come to discover some pretty interesting websites. If you want to learn it or do it, you can probably find it on the net. Along with the forums, blogs, and DIY sites; there are a lot of pages that are just plain fun. Since the internet is all about sharing, here is a partial list of some of the time wasters, apps, and trippy places I have “discovered” Go ahead, release that inner child and enjoy yourself.

  • Bomomo.com: A web app that let’s you paint with different shapes.
  • Asciipaint.com: The domain name is fairly self-explanatory. This app lets you “paint” with the letter(s) of your choice.
  • Pimptheface.com: Another case where the domain name says it all. It’s Photoshop “Lite” online.
  • Ronwinter.tv: Synthesized drums that you can play on your keyboard.
  • Jacksonpollock.org: This one is really fun. This allows you to click and drag paint to create your own work of art.


  • Wiiplayable.com: This app let’s you draw online with various colored markers and then playback the entire creative process. Groovy baby!
  • Shapecollage.com: You can tell a lot from a domain name. Can you guess what this one does?
  • Photopeach.com: Create your own slideshow
  • Goanimate.com Yes, you can be the next Katzenberg.
  • Voki.com: Create your own talking avatar.
  • Doppelme.com: Another site where you can create your own avatar.
  • Pixuffle.net: Shuffle your pixels.
  • Fodey.com: Generate your own newspaper. You pick the text and headline.
  • Doink.com: Another online cartoon maker.
  • Tweetinklingon.com: Any Star Trek fans out there?
  • Mugtug.com: Another painting app. You’re probably noticing a trend right now. I tend to concentrate on creative sites.
  • Flurrious.com: Create 3D snowflakes
  • Throwup.com: Create some virtual vomit and then send someone that special message.
  • Wasarrested.com: “This is a prank script written for the sole purpose of confusing, embarrassing, and angering your friends or enemies.”
  • Mrdoob.com: Pretty much what you’d expect from someone with the handle “Mr Doob”. Think of this as a online lava lamp. Remember those? Peace brother.
  • Iconfu.com: Once again, the domain says it all. Here you can create your own icons.
  • Cosketch.com: Collaborate on paintings in real-time.
  • Cooltext.com: “Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.”
  • Sumopaint.com: This is a pretty impressive online painting app.
  • Bigassmessage.com: Need to get a point across? This will probably accomplish that.
  • Canvaspaint.org: Yep, another one. You should always have backup.
  • Tagxedo.com :Create a word cloud from a document or website.


Ciao, baby

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