December 2010

No, I’m Not An Anarchist

In the previous blog post entitled “Corporate Police State” I may have gave the impression that I’m some kind of cop-hating, anarchist jerk. This is far from the truth. I am quite aware that the world is full of some serious assholes and the only thing separating us from total chaos is “the thin blue line”. The problem I have is where that line gets drawn. Just as Lord Acton alluded to, there are those that will abuse power. If in the process of protecting “the American way of life” you actually circumvent it, then what the hell is the use.

I live in Santa Barbara. Considering where it is at, it is a very safe town. I can walk down the street at two in the morning and not fear for my life. This is obviously due to the local police force. I do not have any problems with SBPD. Sure, I’ve been arrested a few times, (well…maybe more than a few. I’ve become the proverbial “Otis”.), for public intoxication, but they have generally treated me well. I actually like a lot of them, (Capone is turning over in his grave…a boy from Chicago saying he likes the cops.), but as in any group of people, there are always bad apples.To the “good” cops in SB, I give a sincere “thank you”. You guys have a tough job; one I could never do. To the rotten ones, well…insert any appropriate string of expletives.

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Corporate Police State

Randy Alcorn in a recent article in The Daily Sound made the following observations:

  • Police power has expanded because Americans have succumbed to fear, which has often been perpetuated by power mongering politicians and law enforcement establishments. When alcohol prohibition ended, threatening to diminish police jobs and power, the law enforcement establishment invented another dire threat from which to protect Americans. That threat was drugs, which has given us the futile, eternal, war on drugs.
  • The 9/11 terrorist attacks bestowed on law enforcement a windfall opportunity to expand police power. The war on terror, like the war on drugs, is a police-state’s dream because it can be waged indefinitely—sustained by public fear that is easily refueled with rumors, misinformation, exaggerations, and the occasional foiled terrorist plot.
  • If this is to remain the land of the truly free, and if it is truly the home of the brave, then the best response to terrorism is to not be terrorized. This police-state nonsense has to end before the fear of subversion from outside perpetrates subversion from inside. As the Gestapo and KGB have demonstrated, a relatively small police force employing terror can subjugate an entire nation. The trade off for freedom is risk. America will never be risk free, but it may lose itself attempting to be.

Who exactly are the law enforcement communities protecting? With our border leaking like a sieve; with millions of illegal aliens working jobs; with millions of Americans unemployed—what does ICE do? They go after computer nerds for sharing software and movies.

  • The U.S. government has shut down several sites apparently suspected of either linking to or providing access to copyrighted materials.
  • Visitors to and other sites were met with a notice that the site’s domain name had been shut down by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Homeland Security Investigations department, pursuant to a seizure warrant that would apparently be issued by a judge in the future.
  • “ICE office of Homeland Security Investigations executed court-ordered seizure warrants against a number of domain names,” ICE said in a written statement to the UPI. “As this is an ongoing investigation, there are no additional details available at this time.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mark Hachman

I think this is highly indicative of just where the priorities and loyalties of the U.S. government are. If something affects the corporate bottom line, these guys swing into action swiftly and sometimes brutally. Notice how quick they bailed out the big boys and how they are now cutting off the unemployment benefits of millions? These people have lost touch with reality and no longer represent us. We no longer have a government “of the people”. It has become a government of corporate whores.

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