February 2013

Talking Heads

The clerks, the kings, the thinkers; they talked and with their talking ran the world. The truck drivers, the pyramid builders, the straight duty men; the ones who could not talk; they built the world out of their very tongueless-so the talkers could talk about how to run it and the ones that built it. And when they had destroyed it with their talking, the truckdrivers and the straight duty men would build it up again; simply because they were hunting for some way to speak.

-James Jones

From Here to Eternity

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Love Is Wise

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The effects of tyranny, my dearest one, are to be seen not so much in executions, privations, surveillances, matricide and fratricide, ruined reputations, unjust trials, exile, and murder, shocking events of the capital; no, tyranny has finally achieved its foul purpose when among the many, scattered at large, there are acquiescence, apathy, complacency, bland acceptance of outrage, pride in vulgar triumphs, blurring of the meaning of words, confusion in moral standards-in short, a blight of the communal character. It is when people who are thought of as good solid citizens, those who make up the backbone of the populace, become touched by this blight and do not realize it, become not only the infected but the infectors-this is when tyranny has won the day.

-John Hersey

The Conspiracy

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