January 2015

Hollywood 1666

No, I can’t stand that mean, unworthy fashion
Which, you society people now affect.
There’s nothing I detest like the contortions
Of all these great dispensers of lip service,
Spreading their arms for insincere embraces,
Overflowing with useless courtesies,
Trying to win a war of compliments,
Treating alike the gentleman and the fool.
What does it mean if a man pats and pets you,
Swears to his friendship, constancy, regard,
Extols your shining merits to the skies,
Then does the same to the next nobody?
A man who has some self-respect despises
The expression of such prostituted homage.
One’s vanity is easily satisfied
By having a share in universal honors.
But true esteem is based on preference;
Esteeming everyone, you esteem nothing.
Since you accept the vices of our time

The Misanthrope

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