The other morning I was walking down State Street in Santa Barbara. At five a.m. there are very few people about and I found myself simultaneously walking and day-dreaming. It dawned on me that I’m a pretty lucky guy. (This has not always been the case.) I live in a “nice” town. Though Santa Barbara is only ninety miles north of LA, it is a different world. This is really a small town; Mayberry on the Coast. And like all small towns, everyone knows your business. It is a small price to pay. It keeps the town “nice”. However, the lack of privacy can be damn annoying at times.

Due to the huge amount of students, the beach, and the proximity to “ The Industry”, we have a intellectual, creative, and energetic population. We have a definite bohemian mentality here. Though there are people here with more money than God, ostentatiousness is frown upon. No Ferraris or Lamborghinis here, but plenty of Beemers and Benzes. The unshaven, flip-flop shod “bum” next to you could be worth 40 million dollars. Kinda cool, huh?

OK, enough of the Chamber of Commerce crap. I’m going for a walk.

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