When the wind blows and spreads its might through the trees and howls through the caverns of the mountains, do we understand its purpose? No, but we take comfort in the fact the wind is wind and has its own mission, its own destiny, and we have ours. Do not be burdened by what you do not understand but focus on what is in your power to do and seek and learn. Wisdom is your truest friend. and each must find that within your own heart, and that wisdom requires that you travel a path that is uniquely yours and not made for others.

Do not be afraid, but trust that you will grow and become better warriors when you meet with obstacles. It is by conquering these battles that we learn how to live greater grace and stronger beauty.  Therefore these obstacles are gifts upon your soul and you will surely flourish like the stunning flowers in the meadow if you allow yourself

Fear is the greatest obstacle everyone must overcome, for fear is what holds many back–fear of what is not known, fear of what is known, fear of change and the fear of remaining the same, fear of dark and fear of light, fear of many people, fear of being alone, fear of life and fear of death. If you can learn to handle your fears with confidence, then you will face the world with a strong and determined face and your power will soar like the eagles. If fears control your very essence, then you are doomed to travel the snake upon its belly, forever lying lowest to the earth and not feeling the heights of God above us.

We all need teachers and guides and spiritual influences to show us what they learned and how they have traveled the world. It is good and not bad to have such help, but remember with caution that they cannot be your source of inner light; you must create that for yourself.

– Wind Dancer

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