The Akkadian Empire reached its political peak between the 24th and 22nd centuries BC. They achieved this by military conquest and set the precedent for the rest of human history. Since then, oligarchies have fought each other over resources. Though some of these battles had at least a breath of altruism, (providing for their people by killing other people), more often than not they were fought for the personal enrichment of the reigning group.  The ideologies justifying them are numerous. The common people have paid the penalty.

For a brief moment in history, before big media took over the internet, people were communicating openly about their cultures. Everyday folks all over the planet want to live in peace, raise a family, and pursue creative endeavors. It’s universal.

Humans murdered each other 100 million times in the twentieth century. We are the expendables. Excuse my French, but these people don’t give a fuck about you and I. The same attitude is prevalent in big corporations. They are destroying the very planet we are living on. There is so much money being made in these infrastructure supporting industries that they will never stop. They can’t stop.

I try very hard to be positive, but if we continue on the same path we are following, the planet and the human race are doomed. We have previously met some daunting challenges. We’re certainly not dinosaurs…yet. We have to change the infrastructure of practically the whole planet in order to continue our long term existence as a species. Can we even do this? There are brilliant people on our world. I think we can find a solution.



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