June 2009


dam smart-never lerned to spel.
-Rachel Ehrlich 




When I have free time, which I seem to have alot of lately, I occasionally look over these old blog postings and cringe. Some of them are horrible; with syntax and grammatical errors that almost qualify me for rap star status. It’s a real bitch not having editors. In my defense, I like to say that these writings are not intended for publication. ( Then why the hell are you posting them? You ask.) For all practical purposes, these are nothing more than on-line notes. It’s convenient. I don’t have to carry around a notebook, digital or traditional, and I can access them anywhere in the world. 

Oh, almost forgot. You’re probably wondering about the title. Well, let me explain. You know how people apologize and rationalize at the same time? ( Sorry, I fucked your wife, but…) That’s exactly what this is. Ciao.


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Existential Pizza


My spiritual path is 100 proof.
-John House

I’ve read books on the occult and books on every “ism” and “ology” under the sun. I’ve also read the Bible and other religious texts..Do I have any definitive answers? Hell no! Run from anyone that says they do.

These days I like to call myself a Christian, though I do have some problems with it. (Correction, I am still a Catholic. People make a distinction between Catholic and Christian. I thought all Christ-based beliefs were Christian.) Some of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met have called themselves Christian. With a perfect being as a role model, it is easy to find fault with anyone. If beliefs systems are a sort of spiritual assembly line, then I guess you would judge them by the product they produce, no?

To give equal billing, I also have a few problems with most philosophies. Usually they are the product of one person; merely their opinion and no matter how much they try to be objective, their bias will always be included. This bias will naturally justify their own behavior, regardless of how twisted it is. Another problem I have with a lot of philosophies is thesaurus overload. A “philosopher” will take a perfectly simple piece of commonsense, cloak it with 64 dollar words, and claim some sort of cosmic profoundness. Unfortunately, these “revelations” usually directly contradict the insights that you received last week. No wonder Nietzsche went nuts.

These days I try to make my life as simple as possible. The “Golden Rule” seems good enough.

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