February 2015

The FCC and the Internet

“In addition, if the Internet can be regulated like phones were, then why not Google, Facebook and Netflix, which people also use to communicate through services like messaging?  Expanding utility regulations to the Internet opens the door for the regulatory agency to stick its nose into their activities, too.

And what’s perhaps most overlooked is that this form of regulation still allows phone companies to offer different tiers of service, which is exactly what net neutrality — the core principle sought by policymakers — is supposed to prohibit. That’s just another reason why the Wheeler decision to treat the Internet as a utility is so mistaken.” Source

Putting the FCC in charge of “net neutrality” is like putting Louis Farrakhan in charge of The Jewish Defense League. Anyone that doesn’t see the implications of this is living in an Orwellian haze. Review the actions of the federal government over the last one hundred years and you’ll quickly see that they are far from “neutral”.

The FCC oversees television, a medium that presents you with ten minutes of information and twenty minutes of advertising. It is precisely for this reason that the fair and accurate dispersion of information through the mainstream media is practically nonexistent. Almost all the information you receive is skewed to induce you to buy a particular product, act in a particular way or to convince you of the goodness of some government policy; a policy that will probably take away more of your rights.

A government, that’s obviously for sale, has enacted even more regulations on one of the last truly free platforms of expression.  What the hell do you think is going to happen?

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